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If your father walks you down the aisle he might get shot through the heart by a loose pistol

My fucking crazy mother

when I told her that she wouldn’t be walking me down the aisle. 

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I can't decide who's the crazy one any more

I won't uninvite. I couldn't stand the shame. I will pay you ahead of time. I am so dismayed that it has become a money thing. Please leave me alone. You are so hurtful.
You never discussed any of these extra guests with me until after I already had all the envelopes printed. I asked you for a guest list months in advance and I asked you days before I ordered them if you could go ahead and give me your adresses. Everyone else managed to do it except for you. You procrastinate and then its my fault when I don't wait around for you?
I'll bring this up one more time and that's it...if you would have done the taxes with me we would have $6000 to work with . You chose no to. It is true.
I'm so sick of hearing about this fraking taxes. look up the law you mad woman! I've been filing the FAFSA independently for years! I have my own dependents now! And I think i've proved so far that I really don't need your money for my wedding.
Please stop disrestpecting me. No, you don't need me for anything. It was our money. I've always thought "our" You......"me" and "your"
Just stop. The taxes thing is illegal. You're not inviting your friends I don't know to my wedding. I'm not going to discuss this.
You do not act as my daughter so please stop putting me in a role of responsibility [a/n: !?!?! wtf what responsability?] You ARE a bridezilla.

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My mother is now an ordained minister


A few days ago I get a link from her that was where you can take a little class and pay to become a minister and I was thinking “Hey, my uncle and I are really close but his family isn’t represented in my family. Wouldn’t it be nice if he did the ceremony!”

Then I get this text:

"I am now an ordained minister!" from my  mother.

I think she thinks she’s going to be our officiant.


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Selina Meyer » 3x03 “Alicia”

"If someone takes a shit in your car, what are you gonna do? You’re gonna drop your trou’ and take a crap through the sunroof? I don’t think so, buddy."

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